Vandoren Regional Artist Program – Dallas Fort-Worth – OKC Saxophone Lesson Teacher

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Vandoren Regional Artist Justin Pierce

Vandoren Regional Artist Justin Pierce

As long as I have played music, I have always enjoyed performing on Vandoren reeds on both saxophone and clarinet. Their consistency, quality, and beautiful tone make them a natural recommendation for students and professionals. For these reasons, I am thrilled to partner with DANSR, Inc. as a Vandoren Regional Artist, presenting clinics and masterclasses at schools across the region. Music teachers who would like to host a free Vandoren masterclass for your saxophones, clarinets, or jazz band may fill out the Contact Form. Please include your name, school name, possible clinic dates/times, and desired topics (ex. articulation, reed selection, all-state masterclass, jazz improvisation). Looking forward to visiting your school soon!

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I am here in Beaumont Texas… Do you know of any jazz sax teachers around the Beaumont area.
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Hi Mr. Pierce !
I’m a high school student from Houston, TX wondering if you could give me some practicing tips on the Jazz Etudes for Region and All-State band. By practicing I mean how to practice the piece and divide by chunks and how slow to go. I’ve always wanted to do region band, but I never put in the practice required, but this year I think I’m going to put myself out there and try my best. BTW, I really like your tone on your YouTube videos! I play on a Meyer 5L and play on Rico jazz select. Do you think I should try some Javas (like size 2 1/2).

Arya Nallanthighall

I would like to take private lessons this summer to improve my improvistional/ sight reading skills.